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A New Roof in the Kiln Creek Neighborhood of Yorktown

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Excerpt: One of the biggest frustrations for a homeowner is when a critical component of their house is failing and no one will “stand up and take the arrow”. This is exactly what our clients were experiencing in their Yorktown home.  Built in 1997, the home’s roof was already failing: losing shingles in storms and leaking in their daughter’s bedroom. Upon inspecting the roof, it was determined that the shingles were installed improperly by the original roofing contractor. When contacted by the homeowner’s, the contractor blamed the manufacturer for a faulty product and the manufacturer blamed the contractor for faulty installation. The homeowners gave…

What will it be like when they remove and replace my roof?

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Excerpt: I try to tell my clients that the first time they view their home without a roof on it, it can be an significant emotional event! We will have the yard and flower beds clean when we’re done, but the process of removing your old roof and installing a new one is no small matter. The average asphalt shingle weighs about 2.1 lbs per square foot.  What does that have to do with anything?  Well, on the roof in the video we had to remove 4300 square feet of shingles (43 squares): 9,030 lbs…or 4.5 TONS of debris.  That’s going to create…

How to find a roof leak: Use a Water Test

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Excerpt: It’s simple and works so effectively, you’d be amazed that more contractors don’t use this technique. Start at the lowest point that the water could be entering the roof system. Let the water run for 10+ minutes to rule out each component from the bottom up. The farther you move away from where the leak is showing on the interior, the more time you will have to give each component to test for leaking, due to the fact that if that component is leaking, the water now has to run farther before it shows on the interior. When testing brick,…

Hurricane Irene Causes Tree to Damage York County Home

Here are a few shots of the damage

RunningMan Community Clubhouse Home Show April 28, 2012

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Excerpt:   Ever have a question… but not the time to ask?   Your local York County Professionals are hosting: “Have some coffee- Ask a question” so that you can get your questions answered with no appointment, no obligation and no waiting. When: Saturday April 28th Where: Running Man Clubhouse Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm What is this all about? Spring is here!  Many of our friends and neighbors have questions about their homes but a) They don’t have the time to ask a professional b) They don’t want the hassle of making an appointment c) They don’t want a sales pitch, they just would like a question answered! So we decided to come out…

Case Study: Home Remodel & Lessons Learned

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Excerpt: A friend of mine recently completed a home remodel in upstate New York.  I was fascinated to hear about the adventure that led to the beautiful transformation of her home!  I couldn’t help but think to myself that her experience was so much like those of our customers at Jim Hicks Home Improvements here in Virginia.  I’m sure a potential client in Yorktown who is thinking about remodeling their home, or someone in Virginia Beach who would like a new bathroom, or maybe a homeowner I recently met with in Newport News who is dreaming of a new kitchen remodel, would…

Recipe Saboteurs

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Excerpt: Home Improvement is not just about hammers, nails and drywall.  It’s about improving everything about what makes your house a home!  Why are we crazy about kitchen remodels?  Because we love to EAT GREAT FOOD! One of the best cooks I personally know is Jennifer Lamoureux.  She has been gracious enough to share with us a cautionary tale that all would be home gourmets should heed… (the words are hers…the sick & twisted graphics are all me!  hee hee hee) In matters of the home, my dad is a total type A personality and my mom is not. I am somewhere in…

Justice Denied for Roof Customer in Hampton

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Excerpt: The following is a true story: Mr. Miller had a steep roof. It was so steep that he couldn’t walk on it. After a large storm, he needed a new roof. He contracted with a local roofing contractor to replace the roof for an amount over $10,000. The contractors replaced his roof and he paid them. He trusted that the contractor had done the job he had contracted for. At the end of the job, from as far as he could tell, it looked OK from the ground. Two months after Mr. Miller paid the contractor, the roof started to leak in several…

How To Make A Wise Contractor Selection

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Excerpt: Hiring a contractor for a home improvement project in Virginia Beach doesn’t have to be an exercise in pain and frustration. Unfortunately for many homeowners, it is just that. The key to making a successful home improvement investment lies in the selection of the contractor. Here in Hampton Roads, we’re a consumer product based society. Most of the products that we buy off of shelves at the department stores, the lot at the dealership or on the internet have already been assembled at the factory. We can hold them in our hands, kick the tires, smell the scent, listen to it work,…