“Thanks for not being condescending”

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Excerpt: The first time one of my female clients thanked me for not “talking down” to her when I was providing her with an estimate for a roof replacement, I was a bit taken aback. I come from a long line of brilliant women. My mother is an executive with the National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. My Great Aunt was the Head Librarian for the US Tax Court and wrote and published the US Tax Court Digest for 40 years. My grandmother on my father’s side raised 3 boys on a cattle ranch in New Mexico. Needless to say, she was…

Getting Your Money’s Worth – A Minor Bathroom Remodel in Chesapeake Virginia

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Excerpt: From the Desk of: Kris Austin, Chief Estimator for Jim Hicks Home Improvment It doesn’t matter if you are in Yorktown, Virginia Beach, or anywhere else.  If you do a little homework, you can probably save money or get a lot more for your money if you call in the real pros to give you a consultation.  Recently my dad, against my recommendations, invited a local big-box hardware store consultant into his bathroom for a free estimate to replace his fiberglass tub – after all, it WAS free and he thought maybe they would have a unique idea.  I told him to…

Pullout Shelves Under the Stairs

In the “coolest idea” category, how about this?   The idea is from a company in the UK, but our carpenters can do this onsite at your home! What would you use the extra space for?  Christmas Decorations? No more dragging stuff up to the attic?


Can you ever have “too much” storage area in your home?

Front Doors – A Commentary by Jim Hicks

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Excerpt: I just looked at a front door replacement project for a previous customer that we had done a window replacement job for recently.  Doors replacements are very interesting projects because they can be very simple, or they can be very complex.  It all has to do with the thickness of the wall.  We don’t get a lot of door business because a lot of it goes to the big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.  They have their own subcontractors with pre-negotiated prices to install doors for them.  The problem is that if they run into any situation that…