If DIY Network’s Blog Cabin was a woman, it may be Mila Kunis

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Excerpt: Esquire Magazine has named Mila Kunis 2012’s “Sexiest Woman Alive”.   While we don’t know much about that, we do know that DIY’s Blog Cabin has produced one of the sexiest remodels we’ve seen in 2012.  Unlike many of the HGTV shows that we have witnessed, this show is just done right and the project itself is spectacular! Just take a look at the before and after pictures of this Maine Coastal Home built shortly after the Civil War in 1884.   The show itself is a unique idea that asks Internet users to vote on the design features for a real vacation getaway.  All…

Taking Home Theaters to a Whole New Level

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Excerpt: When talk turns to home theaters and home entertainment systems, much of the focus is on the equipment: how many speakers you have, how expensive your electronics are, how big your screen is, or whether you own a front-projection system. But what about the room itself?  Does the room that you’re in and your comfort level impact your viewing experience? Does where you’re watching impact the quality of your enjoyment? Does who you’re watching with make a difference? How about incorporating a karaoke system or a stage for family performances? What level could you take a gamer’s experience to?  Would yours be the home that all…

Entryway Doors Create A First Impression

How does your home greet your guests? We install quite a few entryway doors from various door manufacturers.  We also have been called in to replace quite a few door installs that the “Big Box” stores installed improperly.  To properly retro-fit an entry door it takes a bit of time and patience, but the results are well worth it! We were very happy with the results of our latest door installation for our client Diana Glasier in Virginia Beach and were very proud of her making the front page of the paper as well! Click to see a larger copy  


Better Kitchen Organization and Storage is Always Better

One of the constant themes from our clients is the need for more storage and more organization in all rooms of the house, but ESPECIALLY the kitchen! This was a popular picture with our Facebook Fans.  If you haven’t visited our page, we have a lot of fun there https://www.facebook.com/JimHicksHomePro

What will it be like when they remove and replace my roof?

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Excerpt: I try to tell my clients that the first time they view their home without a roof on it, it can be an significant emotional event! We will have the yard and flower beds clean when we’re done, but the process of removing your old roof and installing a new one is no small matter. The average asphalt shingle weighs about 2.1 lbs per square foot.  What does that have to do with anything?  Well, on the roof in the video we had to remove 4300 square feet of shingles (43 squares): 9,030 lbs…or 4.5 TONS of debris.  That’s going to create…

How to find a roof leak: Use a Water Test

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Excerpt: It’s simple and works so effectively, you’d be amazed that more contractors don’t use this technique. Start at the lowest point that the water could be entering the roof system. Let the water run for 10+ minutes to rule out each component from the bottom up. The farther you move away from where the leak is showing on the interior, the more time you will have to give each component to test for leaking, due to the fact that if that component is leaking, the water now has to run farther before it shows on the interior. When testing brick,…

Hurricane Irene Causes Tree to Damage York County Home

Here are a few shots of the damage

What affects the cost of a re-roof project?

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Excerpt: When it comes to replacing the roof on your home, there are many decisions to be made.  Most of the decisions turn on the answer to the question: “what are my goals for this property?” Do you intend to keep the property for many years?  Will this roof be an investment into the property that you intend for it to appreciate with the property? Do you intend to sell the property?  Is replacing this roof merely a necessary evil that you can no longer avoid, but you’re motivated to replace at the lowest possible cost?  Are you an investor trying to flip…

Justice Denied for Roof Customer in Hampton

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Excerpt: The following is a true story: Mr. Miller had a steep roof. It was so steep that he couldn’t walk on it. After a large storm, he needed a new roof. He contracted with a local roofing contractor to replace the roof for an amount over $10,000. The contractors replaced his roof and he paid them. He trusted that the contractor had done the job he had contracted for. At the end of the job, from as far as he could tell, it looked OK from the ground. Two months after Mr. Miller paid the contractor, the roof started to leak in several…

The Most Important Decision In Your Remodeling Project

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Excerpt: What is the most important decision a homeowner can make on any project they may consider buying for their home? Authorities agree that the critical success factor in any home improvement project is the selection of the contractor. Perhaps like no other business, home improvement contracting has the reputation of generating more customer complaints than any other field. Sadly, for the industry as a whole, this reputation is well deserved. Due to a low barrier of entry into the industry and a high demand for its services, home improvement contracting is plagued with many individuals & companies that continue to underperform…