My Vote For Funniest Commercial of The Year

The morning after reading to my son about Lion’s and Antelopes for his bedtime story, this commerical was on the TV. I thought it was brilliant!

How do you feel about heights?

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Excerpt: And now for something completely different… After spending time in the military and a lot of time as a contractor here in Hampton Roads and climbing some of the steepest roofs on homes in Yorktown, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, Portsmouth, heights really don’t bother me much. However, some folks are fearful of heights and wouldn’t even consider enjoying this transparent balcony on the Sears Tower in Chicago Transparent balcony on 103 Floors Of course, there’s always the infinity pool in Singapore: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore The pool…

97.3 The Eagle in Virginia Beach Gives Jim Hicks Home Improvement a Shout Out!

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Excerpt:   I was just told by one of our Fans of our Facebook Page, Traffic Reporter Kimi Stevens, that she gave us a “Shout Out” on the “Jimmy Ray and Jay”  Morning Radio Show this morning on the top Country Music Station in the Hampton Roads Market: Eagle 97.3 ! She also relayed to me that the host, Jimmy Ray, wanted to know what a Boffi Tub was. Boffi is an italian design company that is known for the sleek modern lines in bathtub design.  You see more of their work here: and now you know!  And as GI JOE says: “Knowing is Half the Battle!”   It’s…

“Thanks for not being condescending”

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Excerpt: The first time one of my female clients thanked me for not “talking down” to her when I was providing her with an estimate for a roof replacement, I was a bit taken aback. I come from a long line of brilliant women. My mother is an executive with the National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. My Great Aunt was the Head Librarian for the US Tax Court and wrote and published the US Tax Court Digest for 40 years. My grandmother on my father’s side raised 3 boys on a cattle ranch in New Mexico. Needless to say, she was…

A New Use For Your Old Tackle Box

Excited about fishing this season?  We’ve heard the tuna are biting right off of Sandbridge in Virginia Beach!  Not sure what to do with some of your old fishing gear?  How about that old tackle box? We’ve even heard it said about someone with a lot of piercings that “their face looks like a bad tackle box.” We feel pretty confident in saying that this tackle box doesn’t meet electrical building code here in Virginia Beach.

Perhaps use a licensed electrician when "tackling" your electrical project?