Master Bedroom Dream Closet Design for Shoes in Yorktown

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Excerpt: This was the most popular picture on our Jim Hicks Home Improvement Facebook Page this month! This picture of a Master Bedroom Closet Shoe Organizer Design was the most popular picture on our Facebook Page in October. This picture is of Master Bedroom Closet that was certainly done well, but this time it’s not our work.  We would love to know whose work it is to give full credit where it is due! When I asked my wife how this picture became the most popular of the month on our Facebook page, she responded simply “Because it’s all about…

Better Kitchen Organization and Storage is Always Better

One of the constant themes from our clients is the need for more storage and more organization in all rooms of the house, but ESPECIALLY the kitchen! This was a popular picture with our Facebook Fans.  If you haven’t visited our page, we have a lot of fun there

The Lazy-Shoe-Zen shoe organizer for your closet

Special thanks to Rhonda Burgin at Burgin Construction for telling us about this great product that can turn that 24″ deep corner in your closet into perhaps the most organized area in your walk-in!  You can get all the details here: Rev-a Shelf

Dream Space of the Week: Closet

“We need to dream big dreams, propose grandiose means, if we are to recapture the excitement, the vibrancy and pride we once had.” – Coleman Young.

We are currently working with a client on designing a closet space for her, so closets are “on my mind”… (*cue theme music: “Georgia on my mind”) It’s fun to dream and imagine possibilities.  I came across this closet on one of my favorite websites and had to share it with those of you who aren’t afraid to dream:

Two Story closet contemporary