Mission in Newport News: Create One Large Garage Door From Two Single Garage Doors

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Excerpt: Mr. Phillips had a nice large garage. His problem was he had two normal size doors leading into his large garage. Mr. Phillips felt the size of the garage doors restricted his use of the garage. That’s when he called us and asked us to create a single opening from the two smaller openings: create one large garage door from two smaller garage doors. It was a mission we happily accepted! How did his garage doors look when we arrived? Here are the “Before” Pictures: Then we got to work! Brick veneer had to be removed, a new…

We Love Receiving Emails Like This From Roofing Clients in Yorktown, Virginia

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Excerpt: It’s great to get emails like this: “Hi Sharon, Everything was fine with the work. I must say that it is apparent that Justin Foreman is a key component to your workforce. He is great to work with, as are you. You have been most responsive with communications. I did submit the Angie’s List review. I must verify it at my home e-mail address before it is accepted. Have a great day.” The actual Angie’s List review was even better! “Justin Foreman was the coordinator for this job and we had the pleasurable experience of working with him on a previous job for our home….

New Roof, Siding, Windows and Trim = Different Home at Same Address in Hampton!

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Excerpt: Everyone loves “Before & After” pictures, but seldom are some as dramatic as the transformation that we witnessed in Hampton on Missionary Ridge.  Our clients loved their neighborhood and their home that they had raised their family in, but knew that it was long overdue for some updating.  So, rather than move to a new home in a different neighborhood and leave so many wonderful memories behind, they contracted Jim Hicks Home Improvement to replace the roof, the windows, the siding, rebuild an built-in entertainment center for a new TV, replace skylights,  replace garage doors, replace entry doors and porch…

Window Seat with Bookcase

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Excerpt: This picture was extremely popular on our Facebook page.  It’s not our work and we don’t know whose picture it is, but is a beautiful shot of the type of work that we have done in homes in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Yorktown and Williamsburg. We can actually use an existing window and wall to build the window seat and the bookcases around.   It adds a beautiful accent piece to a den or master bedroom.  Some of the comments people left on our Facebook Page regarding the picture were: “That is beautiful….” “Yes, except longer so you can put your feet up…” “YES COME BUILD ME…

This weekend in 2003 Hurricane Isabel hit Hampton Roads

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Excerpt: Hurricane Isabel was the hardest hit that Hampton Roads Virginia has taken from a storm in over 20 years. It caused devastation from Virginia Beach to Yorktown, Virginia. The majority of the damage that we experienced resulted from falling trees. Because of the widespread flooding, many homes in low lying areas have since been raised so that they are not flooded again. This house on Beach Road in Hampton was raised due to the damage it suffered during Hurricane Isabel. The damage inside the home was so extensive that the interior had to be completely restored. To ensure that the trim matched…

Window Seat with Books!

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Excerpt: We have a lot of fun on our Facebook Page reposting home remodeling pictures that we find and enjoying the feedback that our fans give us.  It’s always amazing to read the divergence of opinions on each picture! Most of our Facebook Fans are from our local area of Hampton Roads, VA – which is made up of the cities of Yorktown, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, Portsmouth, but their opinions are hardly homogeneous! What’s really interesting is when we receive an overwhelming response, either positive or negative, on a home improvement or remodeling picture.   That’s when I enjoy sharing…

Entryway Doors Create A First Impression

How does your home greet your guests? We install quite a few entryway doors from various door manufacturers.  We also have been called in to replace quite a few door installs that the “Big Box” stores installed improperly.  To properly retro-fit an entry door it takes a bit of time and patience, but the results are well worth it! We were very happy with the results of our latest door installation for our client Diana Glasier in Virginia Beach and were very proud of her making the front page of the paper as well! Click to see a larger copy  


Hurricane Irene Causes Tree to Damage York County Home

Here are a few shots of the damage

Hurricane Irene Storm Damage Is Still Here

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Excerpt: In August 2011, Hurricane Irene caused major damage to homes from Virginia Beach to Yorktown, Virginia.   The local contractors responded quickly, but now 5 months later we are still repairing some of the damage. Why?  Insurance companies can be argumentative and slow to pay at times…and when they do, mortgage companies often have to sign off on each check.  The process of restoration is tedious and it has little to do with the actual work being done.  The hard work is done before the first nail is driven. We tarped a lot of roofs immediately after the storm to protect the…

How about a Secret Playroom Remodel?

Via Apartment Therapy: “The home’s owner found the old armoire secondhand. He then hired a woodworker to take out the back and install it up against a doorway into his children’s play room. The result is a simple-enough-looking armoire that opens to a hidden room of magic and play.” It was designed and built by Maple Seed Renovation in Portland, Oregon.