Storm Damage Restoration Project

Location: Carrollton, VA

Client situation: A large tree fell on the home during a storm. There was substantial structural damage to the roof and chimney, and to the interior and exterior of the left side of the home.

Our solution: This one involved our entire team. Repairs started at the roof with new trusses, decking and shingles. The left outside wall was reframed, rewired, and reinsulated, top to bottom and front to back. The Hardie Plank siding, chimney for the gas fireplace, windows, doors, and deck railings were replaced. Interior areas affected were the two-story family room, living room, bedroom, and the finished attic. These received new floors, drywall and paint.

Jim says: The most difficult part of this job was being persistent with the insurance company, to ensure that the homeowner was properly indemnified. The homeowner hung in there with us and, in the end, the insurance company did the right thing.


Photo descriptions:
Photos 1-5: A large tree punched through the roof, the trusses and the ceiling of the finished attic space.
Photos 6-8: Exterior damage along the left side of the house. Windows and doors, Hardie Plank siding, deck railings and the chimney required significant repairs or replacement.
Photos 9-11: When the tree hit the left side of the home, several windows in the family room were shattered, and the wall was pushed inward. The floors and fireplace were also heavily damaged.
Photos 12-14: Interior and exterior repairs are complete, and the home is ready for the family’s return.


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