Slate Roofing Inspection

Slate is a beautiful and durable roofing but it may require occasional repairs and service.

You may not need to completely replace your slate roof if you’ve sprung a leak or have localized problems, but it is important to to do a thorough inspection to determine the nature and the extent of the damage, if any.

While it’s recommended that you leave major slate repairs to your qualified Hampton Roads roofing contractor, you can always take a look for yourself.

5 Tips for Proper Slate Roofing Inspection

Here are five key tips:

  1. Safety First. Never walk on a slate roof to perform your inspection. Unlike asphalt shingles—which you should avoid walking on too if you can—slate roofs are smooth and don’t have the rough surface for traction. Instead, perform your inspection from a secure ladder, or use binoculars from the ground. Safety should always be on your mind.
  2. Weathering. If you notice that the slate appears spongy, abnormally thin, has scales along the edges, is delaminated or has whitish rings spreading across its surface, this may mean that the weather has weakened the slate and it needs replacement.
  3. Check for fastener failures. If the roof has cracks, holes or has missing pieces of slate, the fasteners may be the problem. In many cases, you need only replace the missing slate or damaged areas while leaving the rest of the roof as it is.
  4. Know your flashing failures. If you’re experiencing attic leaks, or if the chimney flashings appear black with ar, you may have what are known as “flashing failures.” Other signs of a flashing failure are corroded or leaky liners.
  5. Survey Says. A good rule of thumb: if more than one-quarter of the roof has fastener failures or more than one-quarter of the slate shingles are worn or damaged, replacing your slate roof in its entirety is something you should heavily consider.

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