Slate Roof Repair in Norfolk Virginia

Slate roofs can be beautiful and last for over 100 years! But NOT if you repair then with tar and improper flashing. Most shingle roofers have no idea and don’t posses the proper tools to service slate roofs. We do!

Not too long ago I answered the question if you should replace your slate roof in Norfolk or Newport News here: Should you replace your leaking slate roof?

These pictures show the story of the leaking metal valley on the slate roof that caused all the interior damage and how it was replaced by a new copper valley.  No roof replacement necessary, just a proper repair!

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Should you replace your leaking slate roof?

Only the lucky people see the leaks

damage from leaking valley on slate roofleaking valley on slate roofleaking valley on slate roofvalley metal being replaced with copperslate installed after valley metal has been replacednew copper valley on slate roof in norfolk, virginia

Buckingham Slate Roof in the Ghent Neighborhood of Norfolk

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