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Think of siding as the skin of your house. It impacts your Virginia Beach home’s curb appeal and protects it from the elements, namely moisture. What does your home’s appearance say about you and your taste and style? With today’s vast array of materials, textures and colors, your siding and trim selections are wonderful opportunities for self expression. Whether it’s the siding of the house itself or the trim on the fascia boards, frieze boards, soffits or rake board or just accents in the gables, Jim Hicks and his expert team of trim and siding contractors can customize all areas of a home’s exterior for both beauty and protection.

Typical Types of Siding in Our Region:

  • Wood (clapboard, dutch lap, cedar shingles, HardiShinglesHardiPlank)
  • Vinyl (Certainteed, Alcoa, Mastic, Alside)
  • Aluminum
  • Fiber cement or plank (James Hardie, Certainteed Weatherboard)

Siding as Your Home’s Protector

Did you know that many leaks in homes are misdiagnosed as roof leaks and they are actually siding leaks? Not all siding installers are the same so do your research before hiring one. Before any type of siding is applied, a waterproof barrier or housewrap (such as Tyvek, Typar, Owens Corning Pinkwrap, or Greenguard) must be placed behind it to protect the sheathing of the house and direct water that infiltrates the siding back out to the roof or the ground. In fact. All siding manufacturers specify it’s use.

Three Early Signs Your Siding Needs Replaced

  • The siding is faded
  • Pieces of siding are lost each time we have a strong wind
  • Your siding is leaking into the house

Trimwork Adds a Finishing Touch

Inside of your home, baseboards, door jams, and wainscoting are elements of trimwork. Exterior trim includes soffits and fascia, we well as decorative elements like shutters, pediments, and columns.

  • Soffits are found beneath the overhang of a roof. They typically assist with attic ventilation.
  • Fascia, sometimes referred to as the roofline, runs horizontally along the roof, connecting the roof to the wall. Both of these pieces of trim are important to protect your home from moisture. Watch them closely for damage and repair or replace them when necessary.
  • Though today’s shutters are largely used for aesthetic purposes only, some homes, especially along coastal waters, are still used to protect window panes and block bright sun. If considering replacing your wooden shutters with maintenance-free ones.
  • pediment is the triangular area on the face of a building below the roof. For example, you might see a pediment above a front entryway. It is an architectural design element.
  • Columns are functional for support and decorative, lending a classic architectural touch.

Schedule an appointment with Jim Hicks Home Improvement if you need a proven and reputable siding contractor to repair or replace your siding and trim. Our work is warranteed. (5 year workmanship warranty on whole house siding replacement, 1 year workmanship warranty on repair work, manufacturer warranties vary.)

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