Window Seat with Bookcase

This picture was extremely popular on our Facebook page.  It’s not our work and we don’t know whose picture it is, but is a beautiful shot of the type of work that we have done in homes in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Yorktown and Williamsburg.

We can actually use an existing window and wall to build the window seat and the bookcases around.   It adds a beautiful accent piece to a den or master bedroom.

Window Seat with Bookcases

 Some of the comments people left on our Facebook Page regarding the picture were:

“That is beautiful….”

“Yes, except longer so you can put your feet up…”


“Yes! Perfect for this area! Beautiful reading area!”

“Well, not if I’m gonna have to sit on a box, but other than that – yes!”

“the books, yes. oh, you mean the window seat? doesn’t look like a good place to actually sit, and it’s just one more horizontal service to collect junk.”

“YES! Nicely done too!”

“I’d add recessed lighting over the bench so you could lay there and read. We have a perfect window that could use this treatment.”

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