When you feel like Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., how about this bathroom idea to renew yourself?

Feeling a bit beat up lately? More and more homeowners are looking to remodel their own bathrooms into home spas for relaxation and a rejuvinating escape from the rigors of everyday stress.  In a bathroom with all the luxurious amenitites like steam showers or showers with side sprayers and rain heads, jacuzzi or soaking tubs, towel warmers, heated bathroom floor tiles, and  custom bathroom vanities (think storage), homewoners from Chesapeake to Newport News can treat themselves to their own royal Kate Middleton treatment!

Remember when mom would go to the bathroom just to be able to lock the door for a moment to escape the demands of the relentless kids?  The same thought process is alive and well, mom just took it up a notch!

Whether you’re feeling worn out from just a Cruel Summer day, a beat up rookie in a “Welcome to the NFL” on NFL.com, or a character from one of your kids new Black Mesa video games, you have the ability to put away your new iPhone 5 and escape to your own private retreat and either zone out to the dulcet sounds of  Clara Schumann’s piano on the sound system or just indulge in a guilty pleasure like the catching the latest episode of Glee, America’s Got Talent, or Sons of Anarchy on your own private TV, while you’re pampered by the warm soothing bubbles of the steaming jacuzzi tub.

We are seeing bathroom remodeling becoming the most popular home remodeling trend in all of the areas we service:  Yorktown, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, Portsmouth.  For more inspirations, see here: Bathroom Design and Remodel Inspirations and 80 pictures for inspiration & ideas for you bathroom remodel.

The Design Process is the most critical phase of the construction of any home bathroom remodel: all the hard work is done before the first bathroom tile is laid.  It is important to design before you build not AS you build.

Another bathroom remodeling trend that has become very popular is for Aging in Place.  You can read more about it here: http://ageinplace.com/at-home/aging-in-place-home-ideas/bathrooms/

Design for aging in place doesn’t have to take away for the bathroom “spa” feel!  Here’s a beautiful bathroom remodel in Cheseapeake that was designed with Aging in Place concepts:

Here are some other inspring bathroom ideas that you might enjoy:


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