The Fungal Jungle…under your home??

Moisture in crawlspaces in Hampton Roads, Virginia is a big issue.  It will create problems in many different parts of your home, to include the Air Conditioning system and the Attic!

This little guy is a happy resident of a wet crawl space:

 I received the following pictures from Chris DeBoer of Bales Termite and Pest Control in Newport News, Virginia about some of the Clean Space encapsulation projects they’ve done to rectify bad crawlspace moisture issues.

Keith Bales, the owner of Bales Pest Control,  did a radio show with me for several years on WNIS 790 AM radio in Norfolk:  “The Hampton Roads Home Pros”.   Keith is truly the “Yoda” of crawlspaces.

Check out the following before and after pictures!

Chris writes:

“A couple of before and after pics of crawlspaces we did work on. Top three pics from Williamsburg, Virginia. The bottom two are from Suffolk, Virginia.

Falling insulation due to excess moisture
Spray foam insulation along foundation to complete moisture seal and supply energy efficiency to house.
A lot cleaner after CleanSpace!
Again, falling fiberglass due to excess moisture, fungus growth on flooring.  Competitor doing annual termite inspections never told owner about this.
Again, foam used to seal foundation from moisture and provide better energy efficiency.
Clean, dry, healthier.

If you are unsure what is under your home, I can investigate for you.”

Chris DeBoer
Bales Termite and Pest Control
609 Briarfield Road  Newport News, VA 23605-2710
(757) 244-7881

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