Taking Home Theaters to a Whole New Level

When talk turns to home theaters and home entertainment systems, much of the focus is on the equipment: how many speakers you have, how expensive your electronics are, how big your screen is, or whether you own a front-projection system.

But what about the room itself?  Does the room that you’re in and your comfort level impact your viewing experience?

Does where you’re watching impact the quality of your enjoyment?

Does who you’re watching with make a difference?

How about incorporating a karaoke system or a stage for family performances?

What level could you take a gamer’s experience to?  Would yours be the home that all of the neighborhood kids want to hang out at?  It may solve the problem of wondering where your child is.

We collected some amazing pictures of entertainment and home theater rooms that were designed to address who you’re watching with and the comfort level of everyone in the theater.

We hope this is a little inspiration for you.

(Click on Each Thumbnail for a larger image)



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