Remodel Nightmare – Who is going to pay for this??

I just received these pictures from Scott Newlon of Certainteed Roofing Products who was asked to come inspect the shingles on a beach house that was adjacent to a home in Corolla, North Carolina that had suffered a catastrophic fire.


The home that burnt was undergoing an extensive remodel and was vacant.  The fire was a result of faulty electrical work and burnt overnight. (click to enlarge pictures)

To fully appreciate the kind of heat that a house fire generates, notice how all of the vinyl soffit on the adjacent house has been melted and gives the appearance of “icicles” hanging from under the eaves.

We can only hope that the homeowner had selected a contractor with adequate insurance to pay for this loss, because homeowner’s insurance DOES NOT COVER UNINSURED CONTRACTORS.


  1. Chad Pfeffer says:

    You bring up a good point. But you may also have to prove that the electrical fire was the result of the remodel and wasn’t existing wiring. Lots of electrical fires start as a result of overload.

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