Mission in Newport News: Create One Large Garage Door From Two Single Garage Doors

Mr. Phillips had a nice large garage. His problem was he had two normal size doors leading into his large garage. Mr. Phillips felt the size of the garage doors restricted his use of the garage. That’s when he called us and asked us to create a single opening from the two smaller openings: create one large garage door from two smaller garage doors. It was a mission we happily accepted!
How did his garage doors look when we arrived? Here are the “Before” Pictures:
Garage Newport News

garage newport news

garage newport news, virginia
Then we got to work! Brick veneer had to be removed, a new structural header had to be added with posts and footers to carry the new load. The post that had been between the two garage doors had electrical lines running through it that had to be re-routed. The exterior light was relocated as a flood light mounted on the soffit.
Garage alteration in progress

garage alteration, newport news, virginia

garage, newport news, remodel
After the structural framing was complete we added new brick to match the existing, mounted the new insulated garage door and trimmed out the opening to match the existing trim on the house!
Finally we patched the concrete driveway where the post between the original two garage doors had existed for a crisp, clean look with a nice fit and finish!
garage, door, newport news

garage, door, alteration

garage, altered, newport news, virginia

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