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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia Beach – Good, Fast, or Cheap: Choose 2

When evaluating remodeling options, I am reminded that the graphic design industry feels the same way about their industry:

I like to tell people this:  good, fast, or cheap – choose 2.  If it is good and cheap, it’s probably not going to be fast.  These contractors will have big back-logs of work.  They have a very economical product and a suitable quality of work, so everyone wants them to come to their house next.  These contractors will get things done the most economical way possible at the highest quality that is warranted; however, this will be done in their way and on their schedule.

Take these kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in Virginia Beach for example:     round glass bathroom

3 After Kitchen (1)

They look AWESOME!  They definitely weren’t cheap!  The workmenship is top-notch.  The materials are the highest quality obtainable. 

 The question is:  How much of this was necessary?

Then there is cheap and fast.  This, therefore, cannot be good.  If they are cheap and fast, quality is certainly missing and perhaps maybe their morals as well.  Some scam artist contractors out there are selling and installing stolen materials, that’s how they are so cheap.  Some contractors out there promising cheap prices and lightning fast speed just want your deposit money.  They never plan on finishing the job, maybe not even starting the job!  Good luck finding those guys later to get your money back for work not completed or come perform warranty work on their job if you were lucky enough to get the job completed.  You must avoid these “contractors” at all costs or you could be sorry.

This was surely fast AND cheap!

And this is usually how the customer ends up in that situation:

Lastly, there is good and fast.  For this superior service you must be prepared to pay the right price.  You see this demonstrated very effectively on Holmes on Homes on HGTV channel.  His crew comes into a project with lots of highly-skilled hard-working man-power, all of the best tools and products, and subcontractors that will bend over backwards to please and perform the highest quality work on a moment’s notice.  What is never revealed in that show is the COST to the client.  You can rest assured that it is quite a bit higher than the average.

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