I just received this review on Angie’s List

I am completely melted after reading this…

” I scheduled an appointment for Jim to provide me with an estimate on replacing my roof. Important to know – until my appointment with Jim, I had never met him. I had no idea what to expect and didn’t even realize that a neighbor of mine works for his Company. I am sharing this with you because an experience like this is so rare these days, I want you to know it’s authentic.
Member Comments: Jim met me promptly at our scheduled appointment time.  He was eager to answer all of my questions in whatever detail I desired. Before discussing the roof, I inquired about some exterior repairs around the house. Things that I suspected needed replacing, Jim informed me that since there was no wood damage, painting would be a less expensive option. While this would potentially cost Jim business, that didn’t seem to matter. He was interested in helping me work through what we needed to do and what we didn’t – all the time knowing that I was budget conscious, but capable and willing to do what was necessary. We went on to discuss the roof, which he also informed me had several more years of life. Much to my surprise, I had a contractor willing to tell me the “truth” when he could have easily led me down a path of thinking I needed to replace it now. I’m not into bashing folks, but let’s just say I talked to several other roofing companies in the area who were more than willing to take my $ and not bother to tell me my roof had more useful life in it. Jim also gave me several other tips about the shingles, ridge roof, house fan, skylight, etc. There’s a lot to consider when replacing your roof – things I just didn’t know. And there are more choices than some contractors will lead you to believe. It was clear to me that Jim KNOWS HIS STUFF and he’s willing to share his knowledge. Most importantly, and the main point that I want to make is, Jim is a man of integrity. While we don’t need a new roof or significant home repairs at this time, when we do I will be calling Jim Hicks! If you need a new roof or home improvements, you would be wise to give him a call too!  Many thanks to Jim for setting an example for all contractors to follow!”

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