How to find a roof leak: Use a Water Test

It’s simple and works so effectively, you’d be amazed that more contractors don’t use this technique.
Start at the lowest point that the water could be entering the roof system.
Let the water run for 10+ minutes to rule out each component from the bottom up.
The farther you move away from where the leak is showing on the interior, the more time you will have to give each component to test for leaking, due to the fact that if that component is leaking, the water now has to run farther before it shows on the interior.
When testing brick, allow for 20 minutes plus before it leaks. Brick is like a sponge and must saturate before leaking on the interior. One water test we ran for 90 minutes before the brick leaked!
Once the leak starts, move the water back down until the leak stops.
You will be able to narrow down to the exact location of the leak…IF you’re patient enough!

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