How Long should a Home be Built to Last in Norfolk, Virginia?

I just finished meeting with a long time client who was interested in having more windows replaced. He lives in the Colonial Place neighborhood of Norfolk Virginia. His home  was built in 1923.
Over the last 13 years he has had me install new siding, new windows , a bathroom remodel and roofing work. We always enjoy catching up on each other’s personal lives when we meet each time for a new project. In this industry we do not often get the opportunity to see our clients after the job is finished. This is why we value repeat customers so much and we never take them for granted.


Colonial Place in Norfolk is a historic neighborhood. We’ve done a lot of work there everything from working on the slate roofs to building new room additions. For the definitive guide to these homes visit Rose Thornton’s Blog – The Kit Homes of Colonial Place

There’s something extra rewarding and special about working on older homes, I can only imagine what it would be like for the guild carpenters and craftsmen in Europe working on homes that are older than the United States is!
Recently, I attended a talk from a home expert that asks the same question across the country and in Europe: “How long should a home last?”  He said that the answers were directly related to the area where the people were living. He reported in Europe people answer the question with “100 to 200 years. ” In the United States the answers were much different and it had to do with how old the housing stock is in that area of the country. On the East Coast people answered 100 years old. As he asked the question moving westward, the people expected time.  In fact in California he received answers of 25 years! I would certainly hope that a home was built to at least outlast the mortgage!
It may be an interesting insight into how different areas of the country have different expectations as to the quality of the construction there.

I mentioned it above, but if you haven’t checked it out, Rose Thornton’s Blog – The Kit Homes of Colonial Place, is an amazing resource.

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