Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Flip Houses

Once again, the ever intrepid Brad Brinke of Pro Craft Inspection Services brings us another cautionary tale of horror and woe from inspecting a “flipped house” that a homeowner client wanted to buy and hired him to inspect in Virginia Beach!

A flip house is a house that someone (usually an investor) bought with the intent of selling and making a profit.  The usual method is to buy a house that is in poor condition and then make repairs and sell it in good condition.   However, that’s where the problems start.  If an investor wants to maximize his profit when he sells, then he is motivated to put the least amount of money into the house when fixing it up.  This oftentimes results in poor workmanship and the use substandard materials.

In today’s case, Brad found some pretty sketchy things when he inspected the Virginia Beach home’s electrical panel.

Brad writes: “Usually just see a double tap. This one wins the Internet. A quadruple tap and a triple tap in the same panel!”

We agree with Brad’s motto: “Friends don’t let friends buy flips”

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