More Vents Are Not Necessarily Better

The ever vigilant Brad Brinke of  Pro Craft Home Inspections and author of  Going Green means sometime just being a little smarter, sent us the following picture he just snapped on a Virginia Beach home of the classic example of cross venting.

Bill Taylor, ventilation guru, who gave us Tips for the Balance System for Attic Ventilation,  and Venting On Your Neighbor commented:

“That is comical. Actually, we just ended our “Ask the Expert” seminar in Richmond a couple hours ago. One of the slides in the presentation is an install similar to this with multiple types of vents. The room roared with laughter when they saw it!

As you already know Jim, an install such as this with multiple types of exhaust vents will “short-circuit” the system, meaning that some of those exhaust vents will actually ingest air and consequently rain, snow, etc.

We want all intake to come from down low.”

Bill Taylor


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