Custom Skylight Successfully Rebuilt and Replaced in Virginia Beach

We love skylights! Nothing brings natural light into the home like skylights! But when we met this Virginia Beach homeowner and their contemporary home built in 1971, we were pleasantly surprised to see the large octagonal skylight that was the centerpiece of home’s foyer.
A former employee of mine who now works for a large roofing company that specializes in flat membrane roofing, referred the homeowner to us as the only company he trusted to rebuild such a unique unit.
The skylight had performed well over the years and had been worked on by other companies but the workmanship, fit and finish had not been of the highest standards.






As you can see above, some of the past craftsmanship was a bit “lacking”.

To replace the skylight, we made a template for each of the panels and custom fabricated them all before removing any of the old skylight. The new panels were brought to the site and the the old skylight was removed and rebuilt with the new panels!
The client was well pleased and became another of our Raving Fans on Angie’s List:
“Jim Hicks inspected our project area & designed a turn key solution. Upon our approval of the budget, he presented us with a clear, fair contract. After signing the contract, his team did the work on – budget & ahead of schedule
Member Comments:
Terrific! The Jim Hicks team was prepared, organized, professional, clean & polite.”




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  1. I absolutely love the look of this skylight. I especially love how big it is. A skylight like this would really let a lot of light into your home. I would really like to get a skylight like this installed in my home one day. I think that it would really help make my house more cozy and bright.

    Eliza Lawrence |

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