As Sandy Prepares to Make Landfall in New Jersey and Delaware, People Here Complain About Boredom

Sandy is still on her roll up the east coast, but we have been spared major damage here in Hampton Roads: our area of SouthEast Virginia that consists of the cities of Yorktown, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, Portsmouth. Check our other Hurricane Sandy posts here: Why is Sandy so Nasty? and Lots of Flooding in Coastal Areas.

Sandy is eyeballing the Delaware River

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Currently, Miss Sandy is looking to cross the Delaware from New Jersey to Delaware in much the same way George Washington did when he made standing up in boats cool and not subject to OSHA fines…only in the opposite direction.

Washington Crossing the Delaware like Hurricane Sandy

Sandy won’t have a chance of beating George’s sense of Style, I’m afraid.

The coastline from Ocean City, Maryland all the way to New York is feeling the impact already.

Hurricane Sandy hits Massachusetts

30+ Foot Waves in Lynn Beach, Massachusetts


Hurricane Sandy floods Battery Park Manhatten, New York City, New York

Flooding in Battery Park, Manhattan


Hurricane Sandy Flooding Streets in Margate New Jersey

Margate New Jersey


Chincoteague Island flooded by Hurricane Sandy

Since Chincoteague Island is 6 inches above sea level, tidal surge has left most of it under at least 2 to 3 feet of water.


rampoline Blown Into Powerlnes In Milford Connecticut by Hurricane Sandy’s Winds

Most of the damage here in Hampton Roads was limited to flood damage and there will be a lot of it to clean up in the next several weeks.  Not as dramatic as wind damage, flood damage can be very expensive when trying to mitigate the damage of wet building materials.  Mold can start to grow in as little as 24 hours. I was invited to speak about it on the Hampton Roads Show when Hurricane Irene came to town.

There is going to be a lot of duct work under houses that will need to be removed and replaced as well as drywall in garages and homes.  This home in Gloucester had 3 inches of standing water in it.

3 inches of water standing on the floor in Gloucester, VA

Many other areas all around Hampton Roads, Virginia have extensive flooding.

Chicks Oyster Bar in Virginia Beach is Under Water


Waterside at Norfolk


The Midtown Tunnel in Norfolk Virginia


West Ocean View Ave in Norfolk

What is interesting is that social media outlets are flooded with people complaining about being bored as well as photoshopped spoofs of Hurricane Sandy Damage pictures. I won’t put you through all of them …but the best one has to be Godzilla rising from the Virginia Beach surf behind the King Neptune Statue!

Run for you lives!!!


Personally, I think we brought all of this on ourselves. I subscribe to the believe that Gagnam Style was actually a Hurricane Summoning Incantation and we have brought this down on our own heads.

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