Monier Tile Roof on Amazing Home in Kingsmill, Williamsburg Virginia

I was invited to examine a Monier cement tile roof on a Williamsburg home yesterday.  The homeowner told me that she couldn’t find any roofing contractors in Williamsburg that knew how to work on her roof.   We were happy to help!

When we arrived at the home, it took our breath away!

I tried to explain how unique and special it was to a few friends and failed miserably, so I decided the best way to share with all of you was through pictures. It was a “featured home” in sept/oct 2008 issue of VA Living Magazine, and is 7,150sf!

 And it’s for sale!    If you’re interested, you need to talk to Jennifer Brown.  Personally, I kind of feel like Ferris Bueller talking about the Ferrari…”if you have the means, I highly recommend you picking one up.”:

YouTube video

This is a picture of the rear of the home at night, showing the lap pool.

The view from the back deck is spectacular!

Personally, I love a lot of natural light in a home.  This home had natural light in ABUNDANCE!

I could really get used to eating breakfast in a kitchen that made it feel like I was outside...
It's like being inside and outside
The entire right side of the house overlooking the river is floor to ceiling windows!

To appreciate how the windows overlook the river on all sides, check this aerial view of the lot!


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