A New Roof in the Kiln Creek Neighborhood of Yorktown

One of the biggest frustrations for a homeowner is when a critical component of their house is failing and no one will “stand up and take the arrow”.

This is exactly what our clients were experiencing in their Yorktown home.  Built in 1997, the home’s roof was already failing: losing shingles in storms and leaking in their daughter’s bedroom.

Upon inspecting the roof, it was determined that the shingles were installed improperly by the original roofing contractor. When contacted by the homeowner’s, the contractor blamed the manufacturer for a faulty product and the manufacturer blamed the contractor for faulty installation.

The homeowners gave up and asked us to replace the roof.  We talked to them about the Certainteed Integrity Roof System with a Certainteed 5 Star Warranty, where the roof is not only covered by our warranty, but the shingle manufacturer also stands behind the workmanship of their Certified installer for 25 years:  a great job and a good price with “one throat to choke”.

Happy to report our client’s are happy with their roof and are “well covered” with their shingles and their warranties!

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