Be Decisive. Be Consistent. Be Persistent. Repeat.

Today my thoughts are on the art of making bold & controversial decisions. I’ve made a few recently and quite a few in the past.
It seems to me that perhaps only 50% of the success formula is in the actual “weighing of the pros and cons” and due diligence one must go through so that one has all the facts available in order to have the most complete picture possible (knowing that if the picture was less foggy, it wouldn’t be such a hard decision, fog is inevitable).
The other 50% of the success formula is in the execution and follow through of the decision. A friend of mine used to say “it’s not about making the ‘right’ decision, it’s about making a decision and making it ‘right’ .” He may have been on to something, I think. (Those NASA Physicists are sharp, you know)
Certainly, there have been quite a few people, who are close to me, that violently disagreed with some hard choices I made over the last few years, but the proof seems to be in the pudding. Was it because I made the “right” choice or because I worked consistently and persistently to ensure my choice was successful? Probably an equal share of both.
Much more recently, after much deliberation, I made the choice to add a key team member. There were valid arguments for and against, regarding, timing, budgeting and a host of other factors. In the end, I made the move. So far, it’s looking like it might be a very successful choice…but ultimately it will probably fall to how I follow through on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure that when we look back on the choice, everyone in the room with 20/20 hindsight agrees that it was a clear and easy choice to make because anyone with just a bit of common sense could have seen at the time how well it was going to work!

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