Freedom From The Tyranny of the “One Butt” Kitchen

This was one of our favorite kitchens we’ve ever done!  It wasn’t the most expensive or the most glamorous but it made such a big impact on the lives of the Jones family from what they had been working with before.  They were patient and kind and a joy to work with!   We were truly blessed to have them as clients!

Mrs. Jones wrote on Angie’s List:

The price was great, we did purchase a lot of stuff ourselves (appliances, faucet etc)  so the price was more for their labor and coordination between all the different folks that need to work on the house.  We removed most of the plaster on the wall that was being removed, and painted ourselves.
Jim and Justin turned our tiny  one person kitchen into a space that many people can enjoy at one time.  There were snags along the way, it is an old house, that caused some  delays, like the ceiling coming down on the carpenters, but Justin did everything he possibly could to ensure the job  stayed on track and as close to what we budgeted as possible.  Their office coordinator Sharon made it easy to  contact and set up appointments with the cabinet makers and flooring  folks.
The only thing we marked down was punctuality, and that was because some of the subcontractors weren’t always on time.  The project was slated to take 3-5 weeks, and it took a little over 3 months. This was also due to unexpected add ons, such a new ceiling had to go up and more plaster had to be removed from sections of wall.

She also wrote us:

I want to thank you guys all again for helping us through this and I can’t express how much the space has already changed things around here.  No more arguments about trying to come in the back door while someone is cooking or in the fridge!!

Mrs. Jones posted some great pictures of the kitchen as it looks after the remodel (Click on Any Picture for Full Size):

c35935e3-f3da-411a-a2b0-21606f15f76dFinished Kitchen Remodel in Newport News, Virginia

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When we first met the Jones family, this is how their kitchen looked (see below).  Mrs. Jones called it a “One Butt” kitchen because only one person at a time could fit in it width-wise.2012-01-11_14-00-15_9852013-08-05 16.58.282012-01-11_14-00-22_869Before Pictures of Kitchen Remodel in Newport News, VirginiaWhat did it take to get from there to here?  The following pictures tell the tale:

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