Built In Cabinetry for Window Seat

 This picture was the most popular picture on our Facebook Page this month!

window seat built in cabinetry

This picture is of a window seat that was certainly done well, but this time it’s not our work.  We would love to know whose work it is to give full credit where it is due!

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What is it about built in cabinetry that makes it so popular?  Is it the growing popularity of the kitchen becoming the social hub of the home?  Is it because it’s a great place to sit and watch the weather outside or perhaps just read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee to start your day or glass of wine to end it? Is it the fact that built-ins such as these in the picture above make an efficient use of space with drawers under the seat that add to the storage space of the kitchen cabinets?

Built-in cabinetry can be done by a trim carpenter onsite or if matching the kitchen cabinets is desired, the cabinets can be built offsite at the same cabinet shop with the cabinets themselves and then installed at the same time as the cabinets.  This allows for the use of the same species of wood as the cabinets as well as the same applied finish.

But built-in cabinetry isn’t just for the kitchen!  All areas of the house can enjoy it’s craftsmanship and charm!  Bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, hallways and even landings on stairways have benefited from the design of built-in cabinetry and seats.  Design is key as the built-ins can be seamlessly integrated with the architecture and style of the home.  We recently posted a picture of a well done window seat surrounded by book shelves that was very popular on the page as well.  See it here: Window Seat with Built In Bookcase

Another well done window seat:



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