Client Questions: How do I Select a Roofing Contractor When I Have Hail Damage?

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Excerpt: A storm of hail this size can devastate a roof A friend recently wrote me a question about how to evaluate roofing contractors to determine who she should use to replace her hail damaged shingle roof:  Hey Jim, I have a question for you. Our house in Colorado Springs needs a new roof due to hail damage. I contacted three Roofers and got their estimates.Two work with USAA and the other with the manager of our house. He has the lowest estimate 6.000$. The other two are the same….around 11.000$. What do we have to look for when picking one of…

Slate Roof Repair in Norfolk Virginia

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Excerpt: Slate roofs can be beautiful and last for over 100 years! But NOT if you repair then with tar and improper flashing. Most shingle roofers have no idea and don’t posses the proper tools to service slate roofs. We do! Not too long ago I answered the question if you should replace your slate roof in Norfolk or Newport News here: Should you replace your leaking slate roof? These pictures show the story of the leaking metal valley on the slate roof that caused all the interior damage and how it was replaced by a new copper valley.  No roof replacement necessary, just…

Family Room Addition in Seaford, Virginia

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Excerpt: These are pictures of a Family Room Addition in Seaford, Virginia that we just completed for a great couple! The Whites needed more room for the growing family when the grandkids would come and visit. They had an existing deck that they never used so they asked us to remove the deck and build a room addition where it used to be. They had a beautiful backyard and still wanted to be able to enjoy it. To accomplish this we used large picture and double hung windows to give a full view of the trees in the backyard. The part of…

New Roof, Siding, Windows and Trim = Different Home at Same Address in Hampton!

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Excerpt: Everyone loves “Before & After” pictures, but seldom are some as dramatic as the transformation that we witnessed in Hampton on Missionary Ridge.  Our clients loved their neighborhood and their home that they had raised their family in, but knew that it was long overdue for some updating.  So, rather than move to a new home in a different neighborhood and leave so many wonderful memories behind, they contracted Jim Hicks Home Improvement to replace the roof, the windows, the siding, rebuild an built-in entertainment center for a new TV, replace skylights,  replace garage doors, replace entry doors and porch…

Remember Hurricane Irene?

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Excerpt: It was 2 years ago today that Hampton Roads, Virginia got slammed by Hurricane Irene.  It was the hardest we’ve been hit by a Hurricane since Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  If you were here, you’ll remember that Sandbridge in Virginia Beach suffered several tornadoes that were spawned by the storm and Newport News had major damage to an apartment complex due to falling trees. Many low lying areas were flooded and 1.2 million homes and businesses lost power. Three people in Virginia were killed due to the storm Most of the major damage caused by the last several hurricanes have…

Success Profile for Jim Hicks in Hampton Roads Magazine

"I just want to see my smiling face on the cover of The Rolling Stone"

“I just want to see my smiling face on the cover of The Rolling Stone”  (click on image to enlarge)

Should Flashing Be Replaced or Re-Used When Installing a New Roof?

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Excerpt: I knew comparing bids from different contractors was difficult for homeowners that don’t do it everyday, but I didn’t realize HOW frustrating it truly was until my grandmother in California sent me three estimates she had received from local roofing contractors and asked me to tell her which one she should go with.   This is what I do for a living and I couldn’t compare one to another as each contractor was recommending a different scope of work, different specifications and different products in each proposal.  (Have you ever felt frustrated comparing estimates? This article here: “How to compare…

Should You Add a RidgeVent When You Have a New Roof Installed?

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Excerpt: It is said that “he who is only armed with a hammer, treats everything as a nail.” Ridgevents have become so popular that many roofing contractors are using them on every roof, regardless of whether they are appropriate for the roof style or current ventilation system. Unfortunately, because most contractors don’t understand proper ventilation they use ridgevents as the “panacea” to cure all ills and ward off all evil spirits, real or imagined. A few rules of thumb apply when considering whether a ridgevent should be used: 1. NEVER mix a ridgevent with other type of exhaust vents on a roof: gable vents,…

Should You Replace Your Leaking Slate Roof In Norfolk or Newport News

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Excerpt: In our area of Virginia, known as Hampton Roads or Tidewater, there are still many slate roofs in key areas of  Yorktown, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk, and Portsmouth. The most common areas for Slate Roofs being in Ghent and Larchmont in Norfolk and Hilton Village and Huntington Heights in Newport News. A question that we receive over and over is “I had a leak in my slate roof and a roofing contractor said I had to replace it, is that true?”  The short answer is “not necessarily.” Slate may be the best roofing product ever used.  We are…

The Solution for Poor Intake Ventilation on Roofs in Hampton Roads, Virginia

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Excerpt: Ever since the 1960’s and 70’s, as we built homes more airtight and energy efficient, attic ventilation has become more and more of a critical issue in building science.  The chief reason is because of the phenomenon of  stack effect, which is discussed in more detail in this video:   From the Air Vent website: “The constant, year-round movement of air across the attic is a process that can improve home comfort, reduce damage to the roof structure and help keep a roofing warranty valid. Every time stale, overheated air is vented out of the home, and fresh air is pulled in to replace it,…