Very Humbled by a Recommendation from Tim Meyer

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Excerpt: A prospective client of ours asked Tim Meyer for a reference on Jim Hicks. Tim was kind enough to copy us on his response. Its quite humbling but too good not to post: Dear Kim, Thank you for inquiring about Jim Hicks.  What can I say but “top notch”.  I have known Jim for 15 years and his integrity is very important to him and his team.  You see Jim went to the US Air Force Academy and is a very focused as well as bright individual and has brought those core values to his business and his team. I have referred business…

Is Your Brand Low Price or High Value?

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Excerpt: There comes a time in the life of a business where it has to decide what it will represent to it’s clients, or what it’s brand will mean. You might call it a “moment of truth.” In a contacting business, a point where the “roads diverge in a yellow wood” is when the business must choose if it will be “the contractor with the cheapest price” or if they will be known as the contractor that delivers the best value when the job absolutely, positively must be done right. The problem with choosing to be the contractor with the cheapest price is…

Jim Hicks Home Improvement Awarded “Best Of Houzz”

We have just been notified than we have received “The Best of Houzz Award” from image

We Were Humbled By Some of The Great Things Michelle Pollock Said About Us on Houzz

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Excerpt: I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim Hicks for the last year, and he has proven over and over again to be reliable and very knowledgeable regarding his industry.In a day where skepticism and second opinions are all too common, Jim’s ethical nature definitely stands out!If you are looking for honesty instead of a sales pitch, this is the guy to call! As a Realtor, I have recommended Jim Hicks Home Improvement to my clients for various kinds of work. No matter how small or how large, they have never let me down. When I refer someone to my clients,…

Rescuing a Kingsmill, Williamsburg Homeowner from a Bad Contractor

Mr. Schaefer wanted a Wooden Multi-Level Deck for entertaining and enjoying his newly purchased home in Kingsmill, Williamsburg Virginia. Sadly, the first contractor he selected did not perform to his expectations and left the job unfinished. This is how the unfinished deck appeared when we were first introduced to it. (Click on each picture to enlarge to full size)







20140125-124921.jpg Our teammates, Greg and Pat Crawford took on the job of finishing off the deck Mr. Schaefer had dreamed of. When we were finished, it looked like this!









Social Media and building relationships with remodeling clients

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Excerpt: OK, people ask me this a lot so I’m throwing this one out for free: it seems to me that if you want to be fruitful in social media, you have to do it yourself. People connect with people. Back in the day, when I paid some folks who were much smarter than me to do my social media for me, it didn’t work half as well. That is no slight to them, its a dig on ME. My theory is because social media is about relationships and you just CAN’T hire someone to build relationships for you. I may…

The Most Extreme Christmas House is in Hampton, Virginia

Yesterday, I was invited to a party at a window replacement and kitchen remodel client’s house who lives across the street from the most extreme Christmas house I have ever seen.  He tells me that the neighbor starts decorating in October and switches on the lights the day after Thanksgiving image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

This Is Why We Love The Remodeling Business in Yorktown Virginia

I just received this wonderful email from a very special room addition client: Dear Jim and Justin, I have had a fun time getting ready for our first family dinner with all 12 of us in one room….with room to spare!!  I’m sending a couple of photos to show you!  All the kids/grands will be here on Sunday for our traditional Swedish meatball dinner. Thank you again for the great work you did for us!  We love it! Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

  With best wishes, Melissa

Start the Starter Shingles Right

Hey kids, if you start the roof with starter shingles that are not aligned properly… let’s just say the butt ends of the starter shingles align with the rain slots between the tabs…you create a pathway for water to enter the building. That causes leaks and stains on ceilings OK? Mmmmmkay? Write that down. image image image

Williamsburg Hellenic Center

And my vote for the best roof in all of Hampton Roads goes to… image image