Going green means sometimes just being a little smarter

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Excerpt: Brad Brinke is a licensed and well-experienced professional home inspector in the Hampton Roads area.  He may have not seen it all, but I bet there isn’t much he hasn’t seen when it comes to homes in Hampton Roads!  Going green doesn’t always mean some tree-hugging flower children holding hands in a circle and singing Greatful Dead songs – LOL.  Now, it usually means just being a little smarter in your energy usage and saving some green while doing a little here and a little there to help out the environment.  Brad Brinke of Procraft Inspection Services and The Crawlspace…

Front Doors – A Commentary by Jim Hicks

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Excerpt: I just looked at a front door replacement project for a previous customer that we had done a window replacement job for recently.  Doors replacements are very interesting projects because they can be very simple, or they can be very complex.  It all has to do with the thickness of the wall.  We don’t get a lot of door business because a lot of it goes to the big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.  They have their own subcontractors with pre-negotiated prices to install doors for them.  The problem is that if they run into any situation that…

5 Quick Fixes: Solutions for the Unused Fireplace

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Excerpt: It’s a common issue in city dwellings; the unusable fireplace. Here are five ideas for coping with an empty hearth. Above: A tiled fireplace (the J. J. rocking chair is by Antonio Citterio); image via B & B Italia. Above: A grouping of pillar candles adds a note of color in this otherwise neutral space; image via VT Wonen. Above: In photographer Paul Massey’s London house, a minimalist fireplace opening is filled with stacked wood. Above: Oversized gold-toned letters fill an unused fireplace in the Paris apartment of Jean-Christophe Aumas; image via Marie Claire Maison. Above: A mirrored ball reflects light in this minimal hearth; image via Shelterness. Need ideas or help…

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Keep You On Budget

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Excerpt: Remodeling your kitchen can add functionality and value to your home. However, such renovations can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, which most people simply don’t have to spare in this depressed economy. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have your kitchen remodeled it simply means that you will have do so on a budget that might be less than ideal. However, in order to help you get started here are some cheap kitchen remodel ideas to keep yourself within budget. 1. Start by setting your remodeling budget. You know what you can afford to spend and setting aside that amount…

Cleaning Your Range Hood

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Excerpt: Here are some tips to cleaning the grease filter in your range hood. Soak filter in a degreaser, rinse then try washing in the dishwasher. If it’s stainless steel, it should wash up with regular dishwasher detergent no problem. If it’s aluminum, be aware that dishwasher detergent can cause discoloration or pitting. You can try running it through a cycle without regular dishwasher detergent. I personally don’t worry about it, but it’s something you should be aware of. For both inside and outside the hood, apply degreaser to a damp cloth and wipe down. Make sure not to spray any cleaner directly on…

Winterize Your Home

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Excerpt: Are you looking for inexpensive ways to save money on energy bills this coming winter? Fall is a great time to tackle these home projects and each of them is affordable. Combined, they will give you a good return on your investment in terms of lower utility bills. Here are 7 ways to winterize your home on a budget. We’ll give each one a pricing rank: $ = low price, $$ = moderate price, $$$ = slightly higher cost. 1. Add weatherstripping to your doors and windows. Keeping treated air from escaping and drafts from blowing in can make a 5% to…

Fixing Mold with Jim Hicks Home Improvement

Jim Hicks Home improvement can fix and build just about anything. He joins Chris Reckling on The Hampton Roads Show with great ideas to rid your home of mold.