It’s Better to be Better

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Excerpt: “The word “better” has fallen out of fashion in America. It makes people uncomfortable. Ranking some things as better or worse is divisive and controversial. Saying that certain values are better can become a slippery slope to thinking groups of people are better, particularly one’s own. I am sympathetic to these arguments. But that doesn’t mean “better” and “worse” should be eliminated from national discourse. I believe that learning is better than ignorance. Right answers are better than wrong ones. Thoughtful engagement is better than unquestioning belief, and genuine understanding is better than blind regurgitation. I believe reality exists independent of our perception…

Broken Window: Repair or Replace a Broken Window Seal?

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Excerpt: Windows are, in essence a defense mechanism for your house. They keep the harsh elements away, protecting you from rain, snow, heat, wind and chill depending upon the weather outside. They also provide ventilation, allow light to enter you home and generally improve visibility. In some situations they even allow your boyfriends or girlfriends secret access into your rooms, so windows are essential to any normal, sensible home. Although, because they are so exposed to the elements they tend to suffer from wear and tear, no window is immortal no matter how expensive. When they do deteriorate, we all have to…

An Ounce of Pest Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure (Guest Blog)

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Excerpt: Transform Your Home into a Pest-Resistant Fortress  by Maya Rodgers Whether your home is brand new, older, or older but brand new to you, it’s likely that you’re invested in it. Whether it’s time you’ve invested, money, or just a lot of love, it’s important to keep your home beautiful and strong, so that it remains a place you can proudly call home.   This is a kitchen that both humans and pests find inviting! (radiant new kitchen via wwarby) Part of keeping your home fresh is minimizing the impact of pests. If you think you might have a pest problem, or are worried about a potential…

Success Profile for Jim Hicks in Hampton Roads Magazine

"I just want to see my smiling face on the cover of The Rolling Stone"

“I just want to see my smiling face on the cover of The Rolling Stone”  (click on image to enlarge)