Room Addition in Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake Room Addition (6)
Finished Picture of Custom Room Addition Jim Hicks Home Improvement Designed & Built in Chesapeake, Virginia

Our clients came to us with a dream for a sunroom addition where they could be comfortable and look out upon their gardens in which they enjoyed investing many hours and much care.

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Custom Made Windows and PVC trim ensure the beautiful details of the room addition will not suffer rot or deterioration over the years to come.
Chesapeake Room Addition (5)
Interior finished pictures of the room addition. The large windows bring in the gardens to the home.
Chesapeake Room Addition (4)
The cased opening in the background was once a kitchen window. The brick is the original exterior wall of the home. The mini-split air conditioner over the cased opening heats and cools the entire room.
Chesapeake Room Addition (1)
The interior lighting is provided by sconces and ceiling fans with light kits.
Chesapeake Room Addition (3)
The floors are tile
Chesapeake Room Addition (2)
The sizes, locations and numbers of the windows were very important to our clients. They wanted everything to have balance and symmetry.

But how did it all come together? How did our clients progresss from concept to finished product? When we first met our clients they had clipped pictures from different magazines for inspiration.   Each picture had a detail or an element they wanted included in their project.  The pictures were very helpful in understanding the vision our clients had.

Chesapeake Room Addition Inspirational Pictures (1) Chesapeake Room Addition Inspirational Pictures (2)These are pictures I took of the magazine clips.






The rear of the house when we first saw it looked like this:

Chesapeake Room Addition Before

We commissioned Dave Dispirito from Homesite, Inc. for the design.  Dave did a fantastic job of putting to paper the images our clients had in their heads.  After several revisions to get it just right, work began on the room addition. (If you liked this room addition, you might also like this one: Family Room in Seaford)

First the footers were dug and poured:Chesapeake Room Addition in Progress pix (2)

Chesapeake Room Addition in Progress pix (5)
The block foundation in progress
Chesapeake Room Addition in Progress pix (6)
The driveway became the staging area for all the materials that would be needed for the new room addition
Chesapeake Room Addition in progress pictures (3)
The floor was framed
Chesapeake Room Addition in Progress pix (14)
The walls were framed. The large openings are for the huge windows, that will bring the outside into the new room.
Chesapeake Room Addition in Progress pix (7)
House wrap is what keeps the water out of the house. No matter what kind of exterior cladding is used: siding, trim, or brick – it will all leak. House Wrap keeps the framing dry and the water outside.
Chesapeake Room Addition in Progress pix (24)
The foundation’s brick veneer, designed to match the house, is almost done!


Chesapeake Room Addition in progress pictures (4)
Windows are in!
Chesapeake Room Addition in Progress (1)
Our clients wanted a flat roof detail but were concerned about it’s reliability. Thankfully, we have a strong background in roofing! We installed a tapered self adhered two ply modified system.
Chesapeake Room Addition (8)
All done! The trim details were custom designed by our Production Director and our Client and made on site from PVC. They will never rot or suffer insect damage.

The windows were custom made from Custom Vinyl Products with Low E/Argon energy efficient glass. The room was conditioned with a new mini-split air conditioner.  The floor was tile. Interior lighting included sconces and ceiling fans with light kits.


Chesapeake Room Addition (7)

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Bionetics gives Jim Hicks Home Improvement TWO THUMBS UP

Recently were were fortunate enough to be able to help Bionetics Corporation in Yorktown with some of their tenant build-out needs. We felt really great when we received the following review on Angie’s List from the owner.
Description Of Work:
Built a separation wall, installed interior and firewall doors, provided electrical and data components, and provided the necessary HVAC.
Member Comments:
They were professional, courteous, and paid attention to detail. They were responsive to my questions. I would certainly recommend their services.

Photo Courtesy of Brad Brinke
Photo Courtesy of Brad Brinke


We Love Receiving Emails Like This From Roofing Clients in Yorktown, Virginia

It’s great to get emails like this:
“Hi Sharon,

Everything was fine with the work. I must say that it is apparent that Justin Foreman is a key component to your workforce. He is great to work with, as are you. You have been most responsive with communications.

I did submit the Angie’s List review. I must verify it at my home e-mail address before it is accepted. Have a great day.”

The actual Angie’s List review was even better!
“Justin Foreman was the coordinator for this job and we had the pleasurable experience of working with him on a previous job for our home. He is highly skilled, knowlegable, and professional. The work went extremely well: the workers were prompt and left the work area immaculate. We would hire this company again.”

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Thank you to Anita Pozin, Diane Jones, Chuck Worley, Brad Brinke, Tim Campbell, Tracy Lewis Van Camp, Tina White, Wendy Laufer, Phil Finch, John Jarrell, Frank H Webster Jr, JoNika Yarborough, Robert R. Harper Jr., Kevin Martin, Mike Akers, Lavernne Francis, Scott Janney, Rolf Kramer,
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Very Humbled by a Recommendation from Tim Meyer

A prospective client of ours asked Tim Meyer for a reference on Jim Hicks. Tim was kind enough to copy us on his response. Its quite humbling but too good not to post:

Dear Kim,

Thank you for inquiring about Jim Hicks.  What can I say but “top notch”.  I have known Jim for 15 years and his integrity is very important to him and his team.  You see Jim went to the US Air Force Academy and is a very focused as well as bright individual and has brought those core values to his business and his team.

I have referred business to him over the past 15 years and all my clients have raved about Jim and his team.  Jim will tell you the truth and not sell you anything that you don’t need.  My clients have felt value and genuine comfort working with Jim.

Jim has done work me personally and has always made sure the job was done right and on time. Construction jobs always have issues and Jim and his team meet those head on in a very professional manner.  I have watched Jim start his business and grow it over these years and I will put my name to him everytime.

If you need anymore information please feel free to call me anytime.  757-342-4357.


Timothy J. Meyer
Long and Foster Realtors
U.S. Air Force Retired
Timothy J Meyer

We Were Humbled By Some of The Great Things Michelle Pollock Said About Us on Houzz

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim Hicks for the last year, and he has proven over and over again to be reliable and very knowledgeable regarding his industry.In a day where skepticism and second opinions are all too common, Jim’s ethical nature definitely stands out!If you are looking for honesty instead of a sales pitch, this is the guy to call!

As a Realtor, I have recommended Jim Hicks Home Improvement to my clients for various kinds of work. No matter how small or how large, they have never let me down. When I refer someone to my clients, it is a reflection of me. My clients are always pleased with the quality of their work. For this reason I will continue to send business to Jim Hicks. – Michelle Pollock,  Keller Williams


Window Seat in the Staircase Landing is Very Popular With Our Facebook Fans

We asked our Fans: “Window Seat in the Staircase Landing. Thumbs up or thumbs down?”

We have a good time with our Fans on our Jim Hicks Home Improvement Facebook Page. Most of them are homeowners here in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  You can read below the picture some of the comments we received in response to our question about this picture that we found intriguing.

window seat on stairjimhicks windowseat on stairs comments