Raving Roof Fan in Newport News Made Our Day!

Replacing a roof is hard work. But when we get emails like this it makes it all worth it!

Your whole crew was great!  They were very nice and even stopped working long enough for us to let the dogs use the bathroom.  They also closed all the gates to the yard when they were done, which is nice when one of my dogs is a hound and will run at the first chance she gets.  :). Thanks again and I have already given my neighbor the main number, as we were talking tonight and he was impressed with your work.


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I just received this review on Angie’s List

I am completely melted after reading this…

” I scheduled an appointment for Jim to provide me with an estimate on replacing my roof. Important to know – until my appointment with Jim, I had never met him. I had no idea what to expect and didn’t even realize that a neighbor of mine works for his Company. I am sharing this with you because an experience like this is so rare these days, I want you to know it’s authentic.
Member Comments: Jim met me promptly at our scheduled appointment time.  He was eager to answer all of my questions in whatever detail I desired. Before discussing the roof, I inquired about some exterior repairs around the house. Things that I suspected needed replacing, Jim informed me that since there was no wood damage, painting would be a less expensive option. While this would potentially cost Jim business, that didn’t seem to matter. He was interested in helping me work through what we needed to do and what we didn’t – all the time knowing that I was budget conscious, but capable and willing to do what was necessary. We went on to discuss the roof, which he also informed me had several more years of life. Much to my surprise, I had a contractor willing to tell me the “truth” when he could have easily led me down a path of thinking I needed to replace it now. I’m not into bashing folks, but let’s just say I talked to several other roofing companies in the area who were more than willing to take my $ and not bother to tell me my roof had more useful life in it. Jim also gave me several other tips about the shingles, ridge roof, house fan, skylight, etc. There’s a lot to consider when replacing your roof – things I just didn’t know. And there are more choices than some contractors will lead you to believe. It was clear to me that Jim KNOWS HIS STUFF and he’s willing to share his knowledge. Most importantly, and the main point that I want to make is, Jim is a man of integrity. While we don’t need a new roof or significant home repairs at this time, when we do I will be calling Jim Hicks! If you need a new roof or home improvements, you would be wise to give him a call too!  Many thanks to Jim for setting an example for all contractors to follow!”

Built In Cabinetry for Window Seat

 This picture was the most popular picture on our Facebook Page this month!

window seat built in cabinetry

This picture is of a window seat that was certainly done well, but this time it’s not our work.  We would love to know whose work it is to give full credit where it is due!

We have a lot of fun on our Facebook Page.  Our fans are not shy about expressing their opinions both positive and negative on the various pictures and design ideas that we share of our work and other’s work.    To see what the Buzz is about, Like us here: https://www.facebook.com/JimHicksHomePro.

What is it about built in cabinetry that makes it so popular?  Is it the growing popularity of the kitchen becoming the social hub of the home?  Is it because it’s a great place to sit and watch the weather outside or perhaps just read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee to start your day or glass of wine to end it? Is it the fact that built-ins such as these in the picture above make an efficient use of space with drawers under the seat that add to the storage space of the kitchen cabinets?

Built-in cabinetry can be done by a trim carpenter onsite or if matching the kitchen cabinets is desired, the cabinets can be built offsite at the same cabinet shop with the cabinets themselves and then installed at the same time as the cabinets.  This allows for the use of the same species of wood as the cabinets as well as the same applied finish.

But built-in cabinetry isn’t just for the kitchen!  All areas of the house can enjoy it’s craftsmanship and charm!  Bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, hallways and even landings on stairways have benefited from the design of built-in cabinetry and seats.  Design is key as the built-ins can be seamlessly integrated with the architecture and style of the home.  We recently posted a picture of a well done window seat surrounded by book shelves that was very popular on the page as well.  See it here: Window Seat with Built In Bookcase

Another well done window seat:



Race For The Cure at Todd’s Stadium in Newport News, VA

We were proud to be part of this year’s Race for the Cure. As a member of the Rotary Club of Oyster Point we served BBQ and some tasty dessert to the survivors of cancer and their families and the Survivor Dinner at Todd’s Stadium in Newport News, Virginia!













Kitchen Backsplash Preferences

There is no right or wrong answer, but our clients definitely have strong opinions on the subject and the vote seems split 50/50.
Do you prefer the look of the tile backsplash when it extends all the way down to the countertop as in this picture …or….?

the look of the countertop having a four inch backsplash of the same material first and then having tile backsplash come down to meet it as in this picture?


Could the Hampton Roads Home Pros Ride Again?

The popular Hampton Roads Home Pros radio show that was heard on WNIS 790AM radio was abruptly stopped when Keith Bales was stricken with terminal cancer. Quite frankly, we just didn’t want to do the show without Keith.



Recently, however, the show’s producer Christie Lynn Hanchey, has started a new show of her own on WMBG 740AM in Williamsburg.


Jim Hicks and Christie Lynn have been kicking around the idea of another show on WMBG. Where there’s a will there is a way! Would you listen? Send us a message and let me know!

Slate Roof Leaks in Hilton Village, Newport News, Virginia

This 1948 built home in Hilton, Newport News, has an original slate roof. As you can see from the pictures, a competitor of ours, using the “guess and goo” technique has tried to stop leaks on the roof with copious amounts of roof tar. This homeowner paid the other contractor for several attempts to fix the leaks which included tarring the slate and replacing some slate. Why are we different? We don’t guess, we test. We performed diagnostic water tests and located both leak sources in under 20 minutes.  WHY DIDNT ANYONE THINK OF THIS THE 1st TIME…or 2nd time…or 3rd time…?






Thank You For All Your Referrals to Jim Hicks Home Improvement!

We’ve received some great referrals so far this year!

Thank you to Anita Pozin, Diane Jones, Chuck Worley, Brad Brinke, Tim Campbell, Tracy Lewis Van Camp, Tina White, Wendy Laufer, Phil Finch, John Jarrell, Frank H Webster Jr, JoNika Yarborough, Robert R. Harper Jr., Kevin Martin, Mike Akers, Lavernne Francis, Scott Janney, Rolf Kramer,
– You guys have been so great to us already in 2014! Thank you so much for your referrals, we live for them! We never take for granted the trust and confidence that you place in us at Jim Hicks Home Improvement to take care of your family and friends!

We are never too busy for your referrals!