15 Wonderfully Made Vintage Kitchen Designs – Home Design Lover

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When you try to look up vintage in the internet, it would usually connect you to links with grapes or wine making in it – because vintage is typically know

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The Psychology of Color: A Color Guide For Designers

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Colors is an essential factor to the world of graphic design. Not only that it brings in depth and emphasis to a design but it also gives a feel and the mood of a design.

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Success Profile for Jim Hicks in Hampton Roads Magazine

"I just want to see my smiling face on the cover of The Rolling Stone"

“I just want to see my smiling face on the cover of The Rolling Stone”  (click on image to enlarge)

How to Compare Your 3 Estimates: “Apples to Apples”

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Excerpt: It’s simple to compare apples to apples with some products. For example, the same Toyota Camry, identically configured at two competing dealerships is a safe bet to compare prices. The two vehicles were manufactured by the same people at the same plant in exactly the same manner and were possibly even delivered to the two competing dealerships on the same day by the same truck! But when you’re hiring a contractor to perform work on your house, it can be very different. Imagine if you purchased a car in the same way you must purchase contracting services. …

Kids Bathroom Ideas

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Kids bathroom ideas should be entertained if the children have a bathroom of their own.

Jim Hicks‘s insight:

Why not have fun?

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