What’s the difference between types of wood flooring?

Many of our clients get a little confused by the differences between: 1. Solid Hardwood Flooring 2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring 3. Laminate Flooring   I thought this video by Mr. Atlanta Flooring did a great job explaining the differences

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Be Decisive. Be Consistent. Be Persistent. Repeat.

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Excerpt: Today my thoughts are on the art of making bold & controversial decisions. I’ve made a few recently and quite a few in the past. It seems to me that perhaps only 50% of the success formula is in the actual “weighing of the pros and cons” and due diligence one must go through so that one has all the facts available in order to have the most complete picture possible (knowing that if the picture was less foggy, it wouldn’t be such a hard decision, fog is inevitable). The other 50% of the success formula is in the execution and follow…

An Ounce of Pest Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure (Guest Blog)

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Excerpt: Transform Your Home into a Pest-Resistant Fortress  by Maya Rodgers Whether your home is brand new, older, or older but brand new to you, it’s likely that you’re invested in it. Whether it’s time you’ve invested, money, or just a lot of love, it’s important to keep your home beautiful and strong, so that it remains a place you can proudly call home.   This is a kitchen that both humans and pests find inviting! (radiant new kitchen via wwarby) Part of keeping your home fresh is minimizing the impact of pests. If you think you might have a pest problem, or are worried about a potential…

Jenny Wants Nothing In Her Island

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Excerpt: I love the contrast between the white cabinets and the accent piece/focal point that is the island with the dark wood By: Jenny Hicks I love kitchens!  I love looking at all the different styles and layouts and colors and configurations! It surprises me how my tastes constantly change about them as well.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen throughout my day and functionality and light are always very important to me. Jim asked me to start these daily mini blogs on my favorite pictures that he posts on the Jim Hicks Home Improvement Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JimHicksHomePro. …