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Home Improvement contracting doesn’t have to be an exercise in pain and frustration.

Unfortunately for many homeowners, it is just that. The key to making a successful home improvement investment lies in the selection of the contractor. Jim Hicks’ team is your best & safest choice.

“Jim runs his company with a level of professionalism uncommon among his peers. For every job (other than perhaps a minor repair issue) they offer a “good/better/best” range of options and educate their customer about what each one entails. Jim’s integrity is beyond question, and the quality of the work he offers is topnotch. While he may not be the low-cost choice in many cases, he is definitely the “no worries” choice.”

Thousands of homeowners across the Tidewater area, whether they are from Williamsburg with a dream kitchen remodel to those in Virginia Beach with a roofing project, have entrusted their biggest investment, their homes, and the safety of their families, to the care of the Jim Hicks team. It’s a charge that we don’t take lightly and it drives the two words that comprise our value statement: Integrity & Respect.

“Jim is a person I respect for his integrity, work ethic, and lack of pretension. He is focused on doing quality work and on working with quality products and people, and he does it with humor, kindness and creativity. I would and have recommended Jim’s team to my friends and colleagues..”

To our team, integrity means having the character to tell the client the truth, no matter what the consequence may be. We may lose a sale or hurt someone’s feelings, but having the character to tell our clients the straight truth and a commitment to “doing the right thing”, is the only way we have earned the trust & confidence of so many homeowners from Poquoson to Chesapeake over the years.

Integrity also means adherence to the building codes and manufacturer specifications that have been written to ensure that the products we are installing and structures we are constructing will be serve their owners for years to come. Do the right job right.

“Jim Hicks is an exception in a industry that often receives bad press. He is truly one of the good guys.”

When we refer to “Respect”, we mean the esteem in which we hold our clients, our suppliers and our team members. We also mean recognizing the worth of the property we have been entrusted with and ensuring that trust is well placed. No matter if we’ve been hired to install a kitchen island in a Norfolk home or if we’ve been entrusted with a room addition in Newport News, each client is to be shown the respect we would hope to enjoy ourselves and we must always recognize that each home has a worth to its owner that cannot be priced.

Our entire philosophy of giving the client the control to make their choices of how they want their home improvement project done, stems from our commitment to respecting the client to make the decision that’s best for them.

“Over my 12 years in Real Estate I have worked with many contractors and many stand out in negative comments but there is only one that stands out positive in all areas and that is Jim Hicks. He is totally tuned into great customer service! He runs the company like a Fortune 500 company and is insistent on training and doing what is right for the customer. I will only refer Jim and his team. It is rare in my life time to find a quality company that does what they say and then follows up to make sure they did what they said. Few and far between! I would not having any problem putting my name to their company!”

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